Emil Amok’s Takeout/E444: Griner/Same-Sex-Interracial marriages/Post-Dec.8, 1941/ Doug Wong, RIP; E443 AAPI Help Warnock Win; E442 In Ga, It’s Vampires v. Werewolves; “No Filipinos Allowed;” E441: Will SCOTUS legalize discrimination? E440: Recalled SF School Board members speak at “The Conductor” reading; Prof. Dan Gonzales; E439: School board battles; Georgia, Oakland, Ranked Choice Voting; Same-sex, Inter-racial marriage law; E438: Oathkeepers’ Verdict, Tourist Eruptions, Congress; E437 Ninoy and Stephen; Pulisic Scores! Walking a fine line on the World Cup; E436: Post-Thanksgiving Volcano; Trump’s bad dinner guests; “The Conductor.” /E435, Taking our place among the others; E434, Pondering Club Q; The face of colonoscopy? E433, Pelosi’s Speech, My colonoscopy. Time to go.

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E444 12.8.22 (sound quality bad until 23:40. Apologies).  Griner; Same-Sex, Inter-race; Post-Dec.8, 1941; Balwani; Doug Wong, RIP.

E443 12.7.22 AAPI help Warnock win.

E442 12.6.22 Georgia on my mind; Vampires v. Werewolves; Trump’s constitutional.

E441 12.5.22 Will SCOTUS Legalize Discrimination?

E440 12.2.22 Recalled SF School Board Members Speak; Georgia; Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales.

E439 12.1.22 Public Education battles; Same-sex, Inter-racial marriage; Georgia, Oakland, Rank Choice Voting.

E438 11.30.22 Oathkeepers’ Verdict; Mauna Loa; Jeffries;Congress;

E437 11.29.22 USA/Iran; Two Filipino American tragedies, public and personal.

E436 11.28.22 Mauna Loa blows; Emil’s Post-Thanksgiving; Trump’s bad guests; more…

E435 11.22.22 Taking our place among the others; Student Loans; World Cup…

E434 I want to be the face of colonoscopy?; Pondering Club Q;

E433 Pelosi’s Stepdown; McCarthy couldn’t carry Pelosi’s jock; My colonoscopy?

Emil Amok’s Takeout/ E432: Monkey Laundering; Trump; Twitter; Tulsi; UC Strikers. E431: Poland, Blue wave, Trump; E430: Nv. AAPI help Dems Take Control of Senate; COP27; Biden/Xi; Sherry Chen’s; E429: Veterans Day; Filipino Vets; Election talk with Prof. Dan Gonzales; E428: Indian American political history; More AALDEF AAPI Exit Poll data; Michelle Steel’s Asian Trumpism; Kenneth Mejia; E427: AALDEF’s AAPI National Exit Poll; E426: I won the Powerball, sort of… and other Election Day tales; E425: Why we came is why we vote; E424: Prof. Dan Gonzales and I talk elections and affirmative action; Twitter; Racist right wing material; E423 The New Patriotism; E422: Tucker Carlson’s White Affirmative Action; More context on the hearing; E421 More affirmative action thoughts post-SCOTUS; Pelosi violence/GOP shame; E420a Dispatch on Affirmative Action; E419 Fetterman as AAPI; Earthquake; Voting; Affirmative Action// E418: Larry Itliong Day #FAHM; Brown face, white world, Sunak’s style out of touch?E417, Rishi’s Diwali; Still time to register to vote; Student Loan Forgiveness Deniers; White fear drives the election; Carlos Romulo.

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E432 11.16.22 Monkey Laundering; Trump; Twitter; Tulsi; UC Strikers

E431 11.15.22 Poland, Trump, Blue wave, more…

E430 11.14.22 Nv.AAPI Turnout for Dems: AALDEF Exit poll; Steel’s Trumpy Lies; Xi/Biden Meet; Sherry Chen!

E429 11.11.22 Veterans Day; Fil Vets; Election Talk with Prof. Dan Gonzales…

E428 11.10.22 More AAPI Exit Polling; Michelle Steel’s Asian Hate…

E427 11.9.22 AALDEF EXIT POLL!

E426 11.8.22 I won the Powerball! Sort of; Democracy’s lottery; Pelosi; My daughter’s story….

E425 11.7.22 The Stakes of Nov.8: Why we came is why we vote…

E424 11.4.22 I voted; We need to care: Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales…

E423 11.3.22 The New Patriotism; Biden’s pitch for Democracy…

E422 11.2.22 Tucker Carlson’s White Affirmative Action; My column take on hearing: Motivation to vote.

E421 11.1.22 More post-SCOTUS talk; Pelosi violence/GOP Shame…

E420a 10.31.22 Before the SCOTUS hearing on affirmative action..

E419 10.26.22 Fetterman as AAPI; Earthquake; Affirmative action; Vote!

E418 10.25.22 Larry Itliong’s Day; Sunak could use what Larry had…

E417 10.24.22 Rishi’s Diwali; Studen Loan Forgiveness Denial; Still time to Register to VOTE; Carlos Romulo.

Emil Amok’s Takeout/E416b: Part 2, with Prof. Dan Gonzales on democracy, Filipino American History, F and P, Affirmative Action; E416: Register to vote; E415: White House Filipino American History Zoomer; Bonta; Fil Pols; Toss up seats; Escabeche; E414: Election xenophobia heating up; Register to vote, please; Martial Law; Anna May Wong quarters; Draymond, Warriors, NBA dodge violence issue; E413, the Filipino Origin story; Michelle Steel’s Asian Hate; JD Vance Uses Asian wife as human shield; Fung in RI?; Will Dems’ abortion pitch saves democracy?; And then there’s the 1587 origin story.

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E416b 10.21.22 Part 2 of Prof. Dan Gonzales on democracy, Filipino American History origins, F&P, the coming affirmative action hearing… E416a 10.21.22 Register to vote! Biden on Student Loans; Prof Dan Gonzales…

415 10.20.22 White House Filipino Zoomy;Fil Pols; inflation; Toss-Ups; Chen v. Steel; De Leon no budge….

E414 10.19.22 Election Xenophobia; Register to Vote; Anna May Wong quarters; Draymond, GSWarriors, NBA dodge violence issue…

E413 10.18.22 Origin story of Filipnos to America 1587; Steel spews GOP Hate; JD Vance uses Asian wife as shield;

Emil Amok’s Takeout/ E412: “The Conductor” to go live?; Walter Nauta/Trump; LA scandal; First Filipinos amd Filipino History Month. E411:Parkland Pro-life; Draymond Trump; Warnock; LA Council Racism; Filipino Firsters; Prof. Dan Gonzales; E410: Trump Subpoenaed. Jan. 6 Committee reveals damning new video; LA Council and AAPI; Trump/Draymond winners or losers? E409: No Suspension for Draymond?; No Genius Grant again; Pigs in SCOTUS are anti-pig; Alex Jones owes his “crisis actors; E408: Bobby Caina Calvan’s courage; E407/Birthday gift? A parking space; Ishmael Reed’s “The Conductor” at TheaterForTheNewCity.Net; I.P.Day, instead of Columbus; DACA advice; AAPI Vegan Justice; NBA ignoring workplace violence; Tuberville’s racist rhetoric.

E412 Monday 10.17.22 Nauta Puts Trump in Jeopardy; The Conductor; First Filipinos and history month; The end of Huh?

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E411 10.14.22 Ishmael Reed’s “The Conductor”; Draymond Trump; Warnock/Walker; Parkland Pro-Lifer; Jan. 6; LA City Council racism…

E410 10.23.22 Jan. 6 Subpoenas Trump; LA City Council and AAPI; Trump/Draymond analogy… They aren’t winners.

E409 10.12.22 Genius Grant anyone?;Saving Factory Piglets; Prop.12; Draymond and Warriors are pro-violence; Gnus…

E408 10.11.22 Gnus takes; AP’s Bobby Caina Calvan’s courage…

E.407 Birthday thank you; Ishmael Reed; Indigenous People’s Day; DACA; Asian American Vegan Justice; NBA inaction on workplace violence; Tuberville’s racist talk.

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