Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: What Does an Asian American Think? Show 193: Crumbley’s parents charged; Good parenting is good gun control? ; Hana St. Juliana looked like my daughters; Prof. Dan on involuntary manslaughter charges in Michigan; Lowell High/”Try Harder” Go see it this weekend! Show 192: Hana St. Juliana, one of the Oxford teens who died. AAPI. RIP. ; Join the U.S. war on Covid…The vaccine is your gun. The 2nd Amendment for Public Health; Roe v. Dead? What’s Next; MLB Millionaire’s Lockout; Show 191–Michigan Shooter, Asian Am. Victim?; SCOTUS’ 6-3 Tyranny to Go State’s Rights on Abortion?; Omicron is Coming to Town; Fauci talking Omicron on World AIDS Day. The irony?


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SHOW 193: Friday Dec. 3, 2023 Michigan parents charged in Oxford High deaths; Hana St.Juliana looked like us; Prof.Gonzales on the case; Lowell High/”Try Harder” movie, see it this week, says this Lowell alum.

SHOW 192 Thursday Dec.2, 2021 Hana St.Juliana, RIP AAPI; Roe v. Dead? What’s Next; The Covid War; MLB Lockout…

SHOW 191 Wednesday Dec. 1, 2021 Michigan Shooter; Guns; SCOTUS/ABORTION; Omicron in SF; World AIDS Day…


Happy Thanksgiving! Try a helping of American Filipino stories from Emil Amok’s Storytime….

Here’s a helping of unique stories I put together. At the end I tell the story of growing up without a grandmother…. but had a decent replacement…my Irish Lola.

But we start with Eleanor Clement Glass’s “Mother’s Day, Mother’s Way” story.

And then there’s Julian Simeon on his Father’s story…

Three good ones. Stories we’d tell at Thanksgiving dinner. Now you get them here. Total show about 52 minutes. Use your finger and scurry about. Share with friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

EMIL AMOK’S Storytime! American Filipino Stories for Thanksgiving: From Eleanor Clement Glass (“Mother’s Way”); Julian Simeon (“Eddie’s Story”); and Emil Guillermo (“Lola Mommy and Irish Lola”).

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Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok! Show 190: Mental Health; Vincent Chin/Chloe Zao/Helen Zia; Theranos; Twitter; Asian Tech CEOs; The hodge-podge approach to Omicron; Show 189: Omicron Blues; Show 188: Boebert Slurs Omar; Show 187: Arbery Murderers Convicted; What does an Asian American Think? Reaction here; Show 186: The Arbery Prosecution’s close; More AAPI firsts; Show 185: Simu/Bowen, Waukesha, Rittenhouse; JFK; Show 184: Rittenhouse disappointment, Watch out AAPI; Biden Infrastructure passes, despite CA’s McCarthy’s show; Kamala Harris makes history; Prof. Dan Gonzales on the Rittenhouse fallout; Show 183: Jimmy O. Yang vs. Simu Liu; Show 182–Gosar Censure and why it matters to AAPI; Show 181: Wu Era begins in Boston; Infrastructure; Global Warming; Abortion Tourism in Calif.? Show 180: Even more Suni; AALDEF Poll; Rittenhouse trial; Show 179: Rittenhouse judge; More Suni Lee; More Astroworld; Boostered; Where’s Kamala? Show 178: 9th victim an AAI at Astroworld; Suni Lee says she was attacked in LA; Veterans Day Part 2; War Brides; More Dan Gonzales; Rittenhouse sympathy inflation; Show 177: Part 1 of the Veterans Day show, with Prof. Dan; Show 176: Travis Scott Need a GoFundMe? Oakland toddler Jasper Wu’s family does; Show 175: Astroworld Festival; AAPI death one of the 8; Festival Seating is the culprit. Watch/Listen.


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SHOW 190 Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021 Omar Needs an Apology; Vincent Chin/Chloe Zhao/Helen Zia; AAPI Tech CEOS; Mental Health… SHOW 189 Monday, Nov.29,2021 OMICRON! SHOW 188 Friday, Nov.26 Boebert; Thanksgiving; Arbery; more

SHOW 187 Wednesday, Nov. 24 Arbery Murderers Convicted; What does an Asian American think? I talk with Prof. Dan Gonzales…

SHOW 186 Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2021 Inclusion/Exclusion; Arbery Trial, Prosecuter’s close against the trio of vigilantes; The 911 call;

SHOW 185 Monday, Nov.22, 2021 Simu/Bowen/SNL; Waukesha, Rittenhouse; JFK 1963….

SHOW 184 FRIDAY Nov. 19, 2021 Rittenhouse verdicts a signal to all BIPOC; Biden’s Social Spending plan moves forward; Kamala Makes History!!

SHOW 183 THURSDAY Nov. 18, 2021 Love Hard’s Jimmy O.Yang vs. Simu Liu?; Tiger King … more

SHOW 182 WEDNESDAY Nov.17, 2021, GOSAR CENSURE and why it matters to AAPI

SHOW 181 TUESDAY Nov.16, 2021 Biden Sells Plan; Abortion tourism in Calif.?, Golden State Warriors…

SHOW 180 MONDAY Nov.15, 2021 AALDEF Poll

SHOW 179 FRIDAY Nov.12, 2021 More Suni; Vaxxed and Boostered; Rittenhouse Judge; Kamala? MORE

SHOW 178 THURSDAY, Nov.11, 2021 9th Death Astroworld; Suni Lee; Veterans Day part 2; War brides…

ShOW 177 Wednesday, Nov.10, 2021 Part 1 of Veterans Day Show, plus a scan of the news…Rittenhouse, Filipino Attacked…

SHOW 176 TUESDAY, NOV.9, 2021

SHOW 175 Monday, Nov.8, 2021 Astroworld; AAPI Death; Festival Seating?

Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: Show 174: Colin Powell’s Funeral, doing good, being good, and being a good solider; more with Prof. Dan; Show 173–The AALDEF Poll, Obama anniversary, more; Show 172–Did you feel the Wu Train? Don’t look to VA for guidance, say “Wu, Wu, Wu.” Show 171: Voting Day; Day of the Dead; Mile High Suspect, AAPI? NewScan; Show 170-UC Berkeley’s colonial reckoning over Filipino display; NewScan: Huma Abedin, Virginia vote, climate change, anti-Chop baseball, more. It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout Live Not Live.

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SHOW 174 Nov.5, 2021 Colin Powell Funeral. They weren’t singing about the general when they sang “How Great Thou Art.” Also Biden’s Build Back Cheaper getting a boost. Listen/Watch! SHOW 173 Nov.4, 2021 Your AAPI microtalk show… SHOW 172 Nov.3. 2021 Republicans won. Election rigged? No. Dead people vote? No. But big story. Michelle Wu and the AAPI grassroots victories.

SHOW 171 Nov.2,2021 VOTE; Day of the Dead; Boston, VA races; AAPI Mayors; Mile High Suspect, AAPI…

SHOW 170: Nov.1, 2021 UCBerkeley’s Odd End to Filipino History Month. The C in UC stands for “Colonial.”

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